HVAC & Sheet Metal Ductwork That Last

Heat and cool your home more thoroughly with complete HVAC and sheet metal ductwork system from our professionals in Seymour, Connecticut. When looking for a HVAC contractor to handle your heating and cooling needs, the lowest price is not always the best price. You'll get excellent work at an excellent price from Valley Sheet Metal!

We custom-design, fabricate, and install all systems using galvanized sheet metal wrapped with FSK (fiberglass) insulation. When comparing systems, metal ductwork will give you a better job. Contact our small, family-owned company for a contractor who cares about your satisfaction.

HVAC Ductwork

As HVAC ductwork specialists, we're experienced with new and existing construction. We have our own fabrication shop and are able to customize work to your specific needs.

Sheet Metal Work

Our shop capabilities range from light guage fabrication for residential ductwork up to 16 guage welded duct for ventilation duct. We offer welding and fabrication of other metals too including stainless steel.

AC Work

We provide full system installations, including ductwork, for hydro air systems and heat pump systems. You won't have to worry about sweating in the summertime with either of these systems in place.


We design all of our heating and cooling systems based on computer generated load calculations for your specific home. It is important to have the proper size equipment for the maximum efficiency. Once we have determined equipment sizing, we custom design, fabricate and install a duct system for your home.

Hydro Air Systems

We will design and install full hydro air systems including all of the components - boiler, condenser, ductwork, hydronic piping, refrigeration piping, low voltage control wiring everything from start to finish and we will be there for you through the whole process.


If you're a contractor in need of HVAC ductwork, you're more than welcome to hire us out as subcontractors. We provide professional sheet metal service for many local HVAC companies. Call or email for a list of referals.

Call us in Seymour, Connecticut, at 203-735-7781 for precision HVAC ductwork
and sheet metal work that welcomes more comfort into your living space.